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ICASE is a joint venture between three of the top measurement science institutions in the world: 

Purdue University, Indiana University and the University of Notre Dame.   

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IU's Milos Novotny wins LCGC Lifetime Achievement in Chromatography Award

For pioneering work in chromatography and separation science (link).   The contributions of the Novotny group have paved the way for the modern era of microfluidics.


PU's Seleem Reports Fast Method for Diagnosis of Bloodstream Infections

In a recent Analytical Chemistry article (link) the Seleem group reports how  hyperspectral stimulated Raman scattering imaging can be used for rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing.

IU's Gary Hieftje Named as Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors

Celebrating a prolific innovator of cutting edge measurement technologies (link)

ND's Marya Lieberman Uses Paper Analytical Devices to Detect Counterfeit Medications

Just like currency, wristwatches and expensive handbags, pharmaceuticals are often a target for couterfeiters.  Find out how Notre Dame's Marya Lieberman helps to counter the counterfeiters using inexpensive, portable paper analytical devices (link).

Rebecca Whelan Joins Notre Dame Faculty

Rebecca Whelan has moved from a very successful career at Oberlin College to join Notre Dame's Advanced Diagnostics & Therapeutics group.  Welcome!

Recent publications


Perspective and Prospectus on Single-​Entity Electrochemistry

Baker, Lane A.,

Journal of the American Chemical Society (2018), 140(46), 15549-15559. (link)

Electrophoresis of megaDalton proteins inside colloidal silica

Ragland, Tamika S.; Gossage, Melody D.; Furtaw, Michael D.; Anderson, Jon P.; Steffens, David L.; Wirth, Mary J.

Electrophoresis (2019), Ahead of Print (link)

msCRUSH: Fast Tandem Mass Spectral Clustering Using Locality Sensitive Hashing

ang, Lei; Li, Sujun; Tang, Haixu

Journal of Proteome Research (2019), 18(1), 147-158. (link)

Production of Over 27 000 Peptide and Nearly 4400 Protein Identifications by Single-​Shot Capillary-​Zone Electrophoresis-​Mass Spectrometry via Combination of a Very-​Low-​Electroosmosis Coated Capillary, a Third-​Generation Electrokinetically-​Pumped Sheath-​Flow Nanospray Interface, an Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribrid Mass Spectrometer, and an Advanced-​Peak-​Determination Algorithm

Zhang, Zhenbin; Hebert, Alexander S.; Westphall, Michael S.; Qu, Yanyan; Coon, Joshua J.; Dovichi, Norman J.,

Analytical Chemistry (2018), 90(20), 12090-12093. (link)

Identification of substandard and falsified antimalarial pharmaceuticals chloroquine, doxycycline, and primaquine using SERS

Tackman, Emma C.; Trujillo, Michael J.; Lockwood, Tracy-Lynn E.; Merga, Getahun; Lieberman, Marya; Camden, Jon P.,

Analytical Methods (2018), 10(38), 4718-4722. (link)

Mapping the urban lead exposome: a detailed analysis of soil metal concentrations at the household scale using citizen science

Filippelli, Gabriel M.; Adamic, Jessica; Nichols, Deborah; Shukle, John; Frix, Emeline,

nternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (2018),15(7), 1531/1-1531/11. (link)

Zero-​mode waveguide nanophotonic structures for single molecule characterization

Crouch, Garrison M.; Han, Donghoon; Bohn, Paul W.

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (2018), 51(19), 193001/1-193001/23. (link)

Monoclonal Antibody Capture and Analysis Using Porous Membranes Containing Immobilized Peptide Mimotopes

Liu, Weijing; Bennett, Austin L.; Ning, Wenjing; Tan, Hui-Yin; Berwanger, Joshua D.; Zeng, Xiangqun; Bruening, Merlin L..

Analytical Chemistry, (2018), 90(20), 12161-12167 (link)

Electronic Energies Are Not Enough: An Ion Mobility-​Aided, Quantum Chemical Benchmark Analysis of H+GPGG Conformers

Beckett, Daniel; El-Baba, Tarick J.; Clemmer, David E.; Raghavachari, Krishnan

Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation (2018), 14(10), 5406-5418.  (link)

Recent Advances in Petroleum Analysis by Mass Spectrometry

Niyonsaba, Edouard; Manheim, Jeremy M.; Yerabolu, Ravikiran; Kenttamaa, Hilkka I.

Analytical Chemistry, (2019), 1, 159-177. (link)

Development of a Post-​Column Liquid Chromatographic Chiral Addition Method for the Separation and Resolution of Common Mammalian Monosaccharides

Wooke, Zachary; Nagy, Gabe; Barnes, Lauren F.; Pohl, Nicola L. B.

Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (2018), Ahead of Print. (link)

Logical MS/MS scans: a new set of operations for tandem mass spectrometry

Snyder, Dalton T.; Szalwinski, Lucas J.; Wells, J. Mitchell; Cooks, R. Graham,

Analyst, (2018), 143(22), 5438-5452. (link)

Gas-Phase Ion/Ion Reactions Involving Tris-Phenanthroline Alkaline Earth Metal Complexes as Charge Inversion Reagents for the Identification of Fatty Acids

Randolph, Caitlin E.; Foreman, David J.; Betancourt, Stella K.; Blanksby, Stephen J.; McLuckey, Scott A.

Analytical Chemistry (2018), 90(21), 12861-12869. (link)

MALDI-​MSI of Immunotherapy: Mapping the EGFR-​Targeting Antibody Cetuximab in 3D Colon-​Cancer Cell Cultures

Liu, Xin; Lukowski, Jessica K.; Flinders, Colin; Kim, Seungil; Georgiadis, Rebecca A.; Mumenthaler, Shannon M.; Hummon, Amanda B., Analytical Chemistry (2018), 90(24), 14156-14164. (link)

Total internal reflection absorption spectroscopy (TIRAS) for the detection of solvated electrons at a plasma-​liquid interface

Delgado, Hernan E.; Rumbach, Paul; Bartels, David M.; Go, David B.

Journal of Visualized Experiments (2018), (131), e56833/1-e56833/8. (link)

From DESI to the MasSpec Pen: ambient ionization mass spectrometry for tissue analysis and intrasurgical cancer diagnosis

 Brown, Hannah Marie; Pirro, Valentina; Cooks, R. Graham

Clinical Chemistry (2018), 64(4), 628-630. (link)

Imaging pH Dynamics Simultaneously in Two Cellular Compartments Using a Ratiometric pH-Sensitive Mutant of mCherry

Rajendran, Megha; Claywell, Benjamin; Haynes, Emily P.; Scales, Umi; Henning, Chace K.; Tantama, Mathew,

ACS Omega (2018), 3(8), 9476-9486. (link)

Analytical Techniques to Characterize the Structure, Properties, and Assembly of Virus Capsids

Kondylis, Panagiotis; Schlicksup, Christopher J.; Zlotnick, Adam; Jacobson, Stephen C.

Analytical Chemistry, (2019), 91(1), 622-636. (link)


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Laboratory Research Manager - Applied Molecular Immunology - Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN (link)

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