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ICASE is a joint venture between three of the top measurement science institutions in the world: 

Purdue University, Indiana University and the University of Notre Dame.   

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Bioanalytical Chemist Researches Early Testing Options for Ovarian Cancer

Research from Notre Dame's Rebecca Whelan new approaches for early detection of ovarian cancer is profiled here.

David Clemmer profiled in The Analytical Scientist

IU's David Clemmer is profiled in a recent article in The Analytical Scientist, where he talks about Ion Mobility Spectrometry, Innovation and Research Philosophy.

New digital filter approach aims to improve chemical measurements, provide more accurate information

Purdue Professor, Garth Simpson's recent article in Analytical Chemistry is gaining notice.   The new work describes the development of an iterative non-negative matrix factorization filter for blind deconvolutino in photon/ion counting.  The new approach may lead to improvements in drug discovery and development and other areas of measurement science.  Link to story.

Science on Tap: Measurement Science for Food and Water Safety

 Lia Stanciu, professor and associate head in Purdue University’s School of Materials Engineering is carrying out research aimed at detecting E. coli and heavy metal contaminants in food and water.  Learn more about it here.

Purdue and TSMC collaborate to research secured microelectronics

Purdue and TSMC, the world's largest chip manufacturer, to study the production of secured micoelectronics.  Link to article.

Notre Dame Launches New Program for Substance Abuse Research


Over the next three years, the University of Notre Dame's Advanced Diagnostics & Therapeutics Initiative will provide internal faculty awards to support research projects that address the physical, behavioral, or neurological factors relating to addiction (substance use disorder). The new projects will target understanding, treatment, and prevention of the disorder and may utilize tools ranging from the molecular/cellular to the behavioral/social sciences, with a particular preference for analytical approaches. This significant new research opportunity, totaling over $300,000, is made possible by generous gifts from private benefactors.

Recent publications

Chloride capture using a C-H hydrogen bonding cage

Liu Yun; Zhao Wei; Chen Chun-Hsing; Flood Amar H 

Science (2019) (link)

Electrophoresis of megaDalton proteins inside colloidal silica

Ragland, Tamika S.; Gossage, Melody D.; Furtaw, Michael D.; Anderson, Jon P.; Steffens, David L.; Wirth, Mary J.

Electrophoresis (2019), Ahead of Print (link)

Quantitative Swab Touch Spray Mass Spectrometry for Oral Fluid Drug Testing

Morato, Nicolas M.; Pirro, Valentina; Fedick, Patrick W.; Cooks, R. Graham 

Analytical Chemistry (2019), 91(11), 7450-7457 (link).

Recent Advances in Petroleum Analysis by Mass Spectrometry

Niyonsaba, Edouard; Manheim, Jeremy M.; Yerabolu, Ravikiran; Kenttamaa, Hilkka I.

Analytical Chemistry, (2019), 1, 159-177. (link)

Native Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography: A Technique for LCMS of Intact Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Chen, Tse-Hong; Yang, Yun; Zhang, Zhaorui; Fu, Cexiong; Zhang, Qunying; Williams, Jon D.; Wirth, Mary J. 

Analytical Chemistry (2019), 91(4), 2805-2812. (link).

A perspective on Quality-by-Control (QbC) in pharmaceutical continuous manufacturing

Su, Qinglin; Ganesh, Sudarshan; Moreno, Mariana; Bommireddy, Yasasvi; Gonzalez, Marcial; Reklaitis, Gintaras V.; Nagy, Zoltan K. 

Computers & Chemical Engineering (2019), 125, 216-231 (link).

Analytical Techniques to Characterize the Structure, Properties, and Assembly of Virus Capsids

Kondylis, Panagiotis; Schlicksup, Christopher J.; Zlotnick, Adam; Jacobson, Stephen C.

Analytical Chemistry, (2019), 91(1), 622-636. (link)

Towards precision medicine for stress disorders: diagnostic biomarkers and targeted drugs

Le-Niculescu, H.; Roseberry, K.; Levey, D. F.; Rogers, J.; Kosary, K.; Prabha, S.; Jones, T.; Judd, S.; McCormick, M. A.; Wessel, A. R.; et al

Molecular Psychiatry (2019), Ahead of Print (link).

Detection of Protein Toxin Simulants from Contaminated Surfaces by Paper Spray Mass Spectrometry

Wichert, William R. A.; Dhummakupt, Elizabeth S.; Zhang, Chengsen; Mach, Phillip M.; Bernhards, Robert C.; Glaros, Trevor; Manicke, Nicholas E. 

Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (2019) (link).

Capillary Zone Electrophoresis with Fraction Collection for Separation, Culturing, and Identification of Bacteria from an Environmental Microbiome

Huge, Bonnie Jaskowski; Champion, Matthew M.; Dovichi, Norman J. From Analytical Chemistry (2019), 91(7), 4649-4655 (link).

Biofilm Assays on Fibrinogen-coated Silicone Catheters and 96-well Polystyrene Plates

By Colomer-Winter Cristina; Lemos Jose A; Flores-Mireles Ana L From Bio-protocol (2019), 9(6) (link)

Microfluidics on the fly: Inexpensive rapid fabrication of thermally laminated microfluidic devices for live imaging and multimodal perturbations of multicellular systems

Levis Megan; Kumar Nilay; Apakian Emily; Moreno Cesar; Hernandez Ulises; Olivares Ana; Zartman Jeremiah J; Ontiveros Fernando 

Biomicrofluidics (2019), 13(2), 024111 (link).

Real-Time Analysis and Signal Optimization for Charge Detection Mass Spectrometry

Draper, Benjamin E.; Jarrold, Martin F. 

Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (2019), 30(6), 898-904 (link).

A Miniaturized Fourier Transform Electrostatic Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer: Mass Range and Resolution

Johnson, Joshua T.; Lee, Kenneth W.; Bhanot, Jay S.; McLuckey, Scott A. 

Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (2019), 30(4), 588-594 (link). 

Substance P in the Gas Phase: Conformational Changes and Dissociations Induced by Collisional Activation in a Drift Tube

Conant, Christopher R.; Fuller, Daniel R.; Zhang, Zhichao; Woodall, Daniel W.; Russell, David H.; Clemmer, David E.

Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (2019), 30(6), 932-945 (link). 

Variable-Temperature ESI-IMS-MS Analysis of Myohemerythrin Reveals Ligand Losses, Unfolding, and a Non-Native Disulfide Bond

Woodall, Daniel W.; El-Baba, Tarick J.; Fuller, Daniel R.; Liu, Wen; Brown, Christopher J.; Laganowsky, Arthur; Russell, David H.; Clemmer, David E. 

Analytical Chemistry (2019), 91(10), 6808-6814 (link).

Highly Sensitive O-Glycan Profiling for Human Serum Proteins Reveals Gender-Dependent Changes in Colorectal Cancer Patients

Gizaw, Solomon T.; Gaunitz, Stefan; Novotny, Milos V. 

Analytical Chemistry  (2019), 91(9), 6180-6189. (link).

Molecular conjugation using non-covalent click chemistry

Schreiber, Cynthia L.; Smith, Bradley D. 

Nature Reviews Chemistry (2019), Ahead of Print (link).

In-situ transmission electron microscopy determination of solid-state diffusion in the aluminum-nickel system

Pauls, Joshua M.; Shuck, Christopher E.; Genc, Arda; Rouvimov, Sergei; Mukasyan, Alexander S. 

Journal of Solid State Chemistry (2019), 276, 114-121 (link). 

Capture of Single Silver Nanoparticles in Nanopore Arrays Detected by Simultaneous Amperometry and Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering

Kim, Ju-Young; Han, Donghoon; Crouch, Garrison M.; Kwon, Seung-Ryong; Bohn, Paul W. 

Analytical Chemistry (2019), 91(7), 4568-4576 (link).

Stabilization and Extraction of Fluoride Anion Using a Tetralactam Receptor

Liu, Wenqi; Oliver, Allen G.; Smith, Bradley D. 

Journal of Organic Chemistry (2019), 84(7), 4050-4057 (link).

Bottom-up, integrated -omics analysis identifies broadly dosage-sensitive genes in breast cancer samples from TCGA

Kechavarzi, Bobak D.; Wu, Huanmei; Doman, Thompson N. 

PLoS One (2019), 14(1), e0210910 (link).

Evolution of Intermediates during Capsid Assembly of Hepatitis B Virus with Phenylpropenamide-Based Antivirals

Kondylis, Panagiotis; Schlicksup, Christopher J.; Katen, Sarah P.; Lee, Lye Siang; Zlotnick, Adam; Jacobson, Stephen C. 

ACS Infectious Diseases (2019), 5(5), 769-777 (link).

Surface versus solution chemistry: manipulating nanoparticle shape and composition through metal-thiolate interactions

Smith, Joshua D.; Bunch, Connor M.; Li, Yuda; Koczkur, Kallum M.; Skrabalak, Sara E. 

Nanoscale (2019), 11(2), 512-519 (link). 

msCRUSH: Fast Tandem Mass Spectral Clustering Using Locality Sensitive Hashing

Wang, Lei; Li, Sujun; Tang, Haixu 

Journal of Proteome Research (2019), 18(1), 147-158 (link).

Epigenetic Process Monitoring in Live Cultures with Peptide Biosensors

Damayanti, Nur P.; Buno, Kevin; Voytik Harbin, Sherry L.; Irudayaraj, Joseph M. K. 

ACS Sensors (2019), 4(3), 562-565 (link).

Near-infrared spectroscopy for prediction of extubation success after neonatal cardiac surgery

Gradidge Eleanor A; Grimaldi Lisa M; Cashen Katherine; Gowda Keshava M N; Piggott Kurt D; Wilhelm Michael; Costello John M; Mastropietro Christopher W 

Cardiology in the young (2019), 1-6 (link).

Accelerated Chemical Synthesis: Three Ways of Performing the Katritzky Transamination Reaction

Schrader, Robert L.; Fedick, Patrick W.; Mehari, Tsdale F.; Cooks, R. Graham 

Journal of Chemical Education (2019), 96(2), 360-365 (link).

Increasing the Upper Mass/Charge Limit of a Quadrupole Ion Trap for Ion/Ion Reaction Product Analysis via Waveform Switching

Lee, Kenneth W.; Eakins, Gregory S.; Carlsen, Mark S.; McLuckey, Scott A. From Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (2019), 30(6), 1126-1132 (link). 

Molecular-Level Understanding of the Major Fragmentation Mechanisms of Cellulose Fast Pyrolysis: An Experimental Approach Based on Isotopically Labeled Model Compounds

Yu, Zaikuan J.; Easton, Mckay W.; Murria, Priya; Xu, Lan; Ding, Duanchen; Jiang, Yuan; Zhang, Jifa; Kenttamaa, Hilkka I. 

Journal of Organic Chemistry (2019), 84(11), 7037-7050 (link).

Inkjet Printed Nanopatterned Aptamer-Based Sensors for Improved Optical Detection of Foodborne Pathogens

Diaz-Amaya, Susana; Zhao, Min; Lin, Li-Kai; Ostos, Carlos; Allebach, Jan P.; Chiu, George T.-C.; Deering, Amanda J.; Stanciu, Lia A.

Small (2019), Ahead of Print. DOI:10.1002/smll.201805342 (link). 

Dissolution of Indomethacin Crystals into a Polymer Melt: Role of Diffusion and Fragmentation

Moseson, Dana E.; Parker, Andrew S.; Gilpin, Christopher J.; Stewart, Andrew A.; Beaudoin, Stephen P.; Taylor, Lynne S. 

Crystal Growth & Design (2019), 19(6), 3315-3328. (link).

Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Urine via Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry QTOF to Differentiate Between Localized and Metastatic Models of Breast Cancer

Woollam, Mark; Teli, Meghana; Angarita-Rivera, Paula; Liu, Shengzhi; Siegel, Amanda P.; Yokota, Hiroki; Agarwal, Mangilal 

Scientific Reports (2019), 9(1), 1-12 (link). 

Selective Gas-Phase Mass Tagging via Ion/Molecule Reactions Combined with Single Analyzer Neutral Loss Scans to Probe Pharmaceutical Mixtures

Snyder, Dalton T.; Szalwinski, Lucas J.; Pilo, Alice L.; Jarrah, Nina K.; Cooks, R. Graham

Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (2019), 30(6), 1092-1101 (link). 

Detection of 1 zmol injection of angiotensin using capillary zone electrophoresis coupled to a Q-Exactive HF mass spectrometer with an electrokinetically pumped sheath-flow electrospray interface

Amenson-Lamar, Emily Ann; Sun, Liangliang; Zhang, Zhenbin; Bohn, Paul W.; Dovichi, Norman J. 

Talanta (2019), 204, 70-73 (link).

Measurements of the size and correlations between ions using an electrolytic point contact

Rigo, Eveline; Dong, Zhuxin; Park, Jae Hyun; Kennedy, Eamonn; Hokmabadi, Mohammad; Almonte-Garcia, Lisa; Ding, Li; Aluru, Narayana; Timp, Gregory 

Nature Communications (2019), 10(1), 1-13 (link). 

Files coming soon.


Laboratory Research Manager - Applied Molecular Immunology - Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN (link)

Genentech looking for experienced small molecule NMR spectroscopist (link)

FDA Northeastern Labs (New York, NY) looking for postdoctoral research fellow in small molecule NMR analysis (link)

Merck (West Point, PA) looking for Executive Director, Vaccine Analytical Development (link)

IUPUI, Indianapolis looking for Postdoc in Ion Mobility Spectrometry (link)

Files coming soon.

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